Trips, Slips and other Misadventures

As a specialist Personal Injury lawyer, I have advised numerous clients over the years who have been injured due to a slip or tripping accident. It is something that can often cause very serious injury indeed, as a trip or slip causing a blow to the head can result in severe brain damage or even [...]

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Are E-Cigarettes really a better alternative than tobacco?

Worldwide, many people are now using E-Cigarettes as an attempt to quit or cut back smoking regular cigarettes. It may come to a shock to you that E-Cigarettes are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a result of this, there are no safety checks carried out, neither are there any requirements [...]

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The Misery of Chronic Pain

When I started practising personal injury law in the early 1980’s, I came across individuals who despite seemingly trivial injuries, were suffering disproportionately high levels of pain and disability. All appeared to be honest, but doctors were unable to find any organic reason for their symptoms. There was no treatment available, as the cause wasn’t [...]

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