As a specialist Personal Injury lawyer, I have advised numerous clients over the years who have been injured due to a slip or tripping accident. It is something that can often cause very serious injury indeed, as a trip or slip causing a blow to the head can result in severe brain damage or even death.

How can something so apparently trivial cause such major harm? Also, why are there so many hazards left for people who aren’t expecting them?

A quick trawl through some past claims reveals a wide range of obstacles that have been left in the way of unsuspecting pedestrians, factory workers, teachers and shoppers.

Causes of injury include the curled corner of a carpet tile, a spade left in a supermarket, an overhead projector left in a classroom and a fallen tree trunk in a school play area.

The many slippery substances ready for people to slip on include grapes, which are a common cause of slips, puddles of water, petrol, oil and even spilled cat litter.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you leave something in somebody’s path, they are likely to fall over and yet it is reported that slip, trip and fall injuries cost the UK approaching £1 billion per year.

Of course, the easy answer is that everyone should look where they are going but with people chatting or hurrying along whilst also listening to music or checking mobile phones, following GPS guidance or just enjoying their journey, it is very easy to miss an obstruction or hazard.

The message is to keep a better lookout to avoid being a victim and not to leave obstacles in the way of co-workers, family members and the public to prevent an injury occurring.

Also remember that if a fall is caused by somebody else’s negligence, even if part of the blame lies with the injured party, it is reasonable to make a claim to recover the losses and expenses that are caused by such an injury.

Organisations are obliged to obtain insurance in case their safety systems and business practices result in injuries to others. It can be embarrassing to have fallen and many people rush away without realising how badly hurt they are and then don’t think about making a claim or feel embarrassed to do so.

The existence of insurance is based on a need to compensate those who suffer at the hands of somebody else’s inattention and thoughtlessness and so if you are a victim, you should contact one of the team at Metcalfes and we can advise on your likelihood of success. Remember it doesn’t cost anything to bring an unsuccessful claim, but damages could make up for substantial losses caused by an injury, as well as paying for help and treatment vital for early recovery.

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